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Medvoyage - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pay attention to while choosing the clinics?

The state has many applied rules for the increasing the service level provided in the field of health. If the clinic meets the international standards and has the documents certifying it, you can easily rely on this clinic.

Why should I choose the treatment abroad? What advantages does it have?

The reason people seek solutions in the abroad is that these countries are more financially viable. Another reason may be the desire to choose a health center you can trust.

Whom will I get medical service from? How can I get information on this?

All information about the activity of the doctor who will provide medical service to you will be given to you by our company.

Which countries can you recommend me to go for continuing my treatment?

Medvoyage Medical Tourism company collaborates with the well-known clinics in Turkey, Germany, Israel, Georgia, Croatia and other European countries and related to this we can help you for getting all type of treatment in the mentioned countries.

What can I do after operation or treatment?

It is recommended to you to get information from your doctor on what you will face after the operation. You can get detailed information whether there will be influences such as anxiety, bleeding, infection after several days from the operation.

Why Medvoyage?

  • Better service than other medical tourism companies
  • Having more experience in the field of medical tourism
  • Collaboration with the popular clinics
  • Individual approaching to each patient

Why Azerbaijan and why Baku?

Having opportunity to get treatment in the same quality with Turkey and European countries, but more suitable treatment.

Having ancient history and suitable tourism opportunities and as well as rich culinary

Suitable geographical location, distance (direct flights, less time wasting) being Islamic country, not having language barriers, etc

Can I talk with your old customers on the experience?

Absolutely. We will be glad after you decided to move forward with Medvoyage that you will apply to our old customers related to the procedure which you search. But we approach respectfully to the privacy of all our customers and can direct you to only those who allow.

Can I get my flight ticket personally?

As Medvoyage, we can help in buying air-tickets, reserving hotels near the clinics, transfer services as we think the comfort and time saving of our patients. Otherwise, you can get your air-ticket and hotel personally on your request.

Can I reserve my hotel personally?

Yes. There is no any prohibition to do it by our company.

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