Since 2017 “MEDVOYAGE” company has already operate in the field of medical tourism. We are the company that served for the first time incoming medical tourism in Azerbaijan officially.


Bringing medical tourism service to Azerbaijan stimulates both health and the development and recognition internationally of tourism fields for our country. Our purpose is to provide to take advantage of medical services in Azerbaijan by the customers and tourists visiting out country, to bring additional incomes to the Republic over medical tourism.

Furthermore, our purpose is to achieve to hold much respected conferences in Azerbaijan with the world congress bureau and other organizational companies, by making Azerbaijan the conference center in the education in near future, by benefiting our suitable geographical position.


“MEDVOYAGE” company recommends You only the doctors whose education, skills it relies on, compatible with the world standards and at the same time clinics serving in international level. Furthermore, we can offer You our sanatorium-resort services in the most beautiful corners of our country. As our advantages, we can show that our country locates in suitable geographical zone, is not unavailable for European and Asian countries, and that we can speak Russian, Turkish, and English fluently.

As well as we provide “OUTGOING” services  in the field of medical tourism so that we collaborate with leading clinics of Europe, Turkey and Israel. We are sure that the education and knowledge of the doctors working in these clinics meet the world standards. Therefore, we always guarantee the customer satisfaction.

Being the centralized unit system related to the foreign conferences, providing comfortable and safe travel (visa, hotel, ticket) of the doctors for their participation in these conferences, involving the world doctors to the participation, besides near countries in the organization of accredited local conferences are the factors differing us from others. As well as “MEDVOYAGE” extends its international relations every day, signs jointly to very interesting medical projects.

Our position:

Bringing Azerbaijan health, opportunities, and innovations to the world arena.

As our company pays great attention to medical education in Azerbaijan, we offer awareness programs, education compatible with the wishes and demands of the student and doctors.

Our wish is not only to achieve that the students study both in the country and outside of the country, our students studying abroad represent Azerbaijan and are grown as worthy citizen and professional doctor by making career in their countries in the future, but also to provide that the country citizens situated near to our borders benefit Azerbaijan education.

Our company deals with the organization of conferences professionally. With the help of our professional team You can benefit by participating in international and local events at high level.

Bringing Azerbaijan health, opportunities, and innovations to the world arena.