Since 2017, Medvoage has been dynamically operating. Due to the extreme high quality of the services offered, our company, which began its activities in three directions, was able to gain confidence and increase the number of these services in a relatively short period of time. The focus of the company is to bring the opportunities and innovations in the healthcare field of Azerbaijan to the world arena.

Company employees work tirelessly to accomplish this mission at the highest level. Medvoyage has formed partnerships with the best local and international medical organizations, clinics and centres and continues to add new partners to its portfolio.

Despite the relatively recent beginning of the development of medical tourism, both in terms of geographical location and level of service, Azerbaijan can compete in many ways. We justify this statement by answering the question “Why Azerbaijan?”.

Why Azerbaijan?

  • Low prices
  • World standard quality
  • Service within a short time frame.
  • Beautiful nature and a rich cultural and historical background.

Our company is the first organization officially providing services in this area. The company currently receives tourists from both distant and neighbouring countries; potential clients include all tourists who have arrived in the country, as well as all those who, for certain reasons are looking for medical services outside the borders of their country. We hope and believe in the future of this industry.

We have created a very strong team that meets the requirements of modern trends, which is doing everything to make our country a leading strategic position in the region.

MEDVOYAGE is the pioneer company in Azerbaijan operating in the field of incoming and outgoing medical tourism, education and MICE since 2017.

Main goals:

  • To stimulate the inflow of tourists with health/beauty issues to undergo the necessary procedures in Baku, Azerbaijan. Medical tourism will eventually develop worldwide recognition of Azerbaijan, bringing revenues to the country generated from the medical tourism.
  • To facilitate Azerbaijan in becoming the Hub of international Conferences
  • To attract international students to Azerbaijan assisting them to be enrolled in the medical educational programs.
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