The United States of America is a country where every dream comes true. Even the desire to stay young, fit, healthy and energetic forever is nothing new to America. Because among the others, this country is characterized by the most highly integrated health care system on the planet.

The main advantages of America in the field of medical tourism:

  • Here are the most interesting places and institutions in the world
  • Here, 50 percent of modern medicines have been developed.
  • Here, clinics expend a great deal of cash on modern medical science.
  • Here, on an ongoing basis, researchers conduct scientific research.
  • Here, the most advanced medical equipment models are used.
  • Here, American doctors get more and more awards in medicine and physiology every year.
  • Here, the most interesting locations and institutions in the world are located.

And this is just part of the American medical world, which receives from 60,000 to 85,000 medical tourists a year, according to estimates.

You, as a foreign patient, will not only need to choose a clinic, choose a physician, get more information on all the conditions of treatment, but also take care of the visa, hotel and air travel in advance in order to go to the USA for treatment.

And you probably already know who can help you with this!

Now let us get back to the main thesis of this article.

Yes, yes, we are about fulfilling desires in America!

Childbirth in America is now available for the residents of Azerbaijan!

In addition to coordinating basic medical care in various directions and areas, Medvoyage will provide you with the opportunity to have official American citizenship for your child.

Benefits of giving birth in America? The most important thing is that your child can be born in wonderful conditions, in the best country in the world. Well! At the same time the most enticing reasons are that your child will be able to legally elect the President of America and travel without a visa to almost any country in the world, and after turning 21, he will be able to apply for family reunification and provide American citizenship to the entire family.

Clinics we work with:

  • University Medical Center at Princeton;
  • Cincinnati Clinic;
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  • All dreams are in full view with Medvoyage!

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