Do you know how, in Germany, medicine varies profoundly from all the other countries? In Germany, medical service prices are regulated at the government level and therefore do not have cost divisions: "for international patients separately and for local patients separately" For both foreigners and for Germans themselves, the cost of quality medical care is the same.

Moreover, the same state is investing tremendous funds for the growth of the medical sector in the country and, thus, Germany is now one of the leaders in medical tourism, second only to Switzerland in Europe.

These finances have been used for the procurement of high-precision robots for robotic surgery, branded medications, hospital engineering equipment and much more.

We would like to share with you some of the successes of German medicine:

  • Use of linear accelerators to remove cancerous tumors;
  • Purification of semen from HIV-positive men, which is then used for artificial insemination;
  • Use of devices for laparoscopic surgery that replace the assistant surgeon;
  • Successful and surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia, brain and spinal cord tumors;
  • Application of the latest neuronavigation equipment.

And this is just a small part of the great opportunities.

Along with this, it will not be difficult for patients to combine business with pleasure and stroll through the sights of Germany, from the premises of the Reichstag building and Neuschwanstein Castle to acquaintance with narrow alleys filled with small colorful coffee houses.

What about Medvoyage?

And our company's representatives will always be by your side in order to make your whole journey convenient and hassle-free.

Medvoyage already has contacts with certified clinics in Germany such as:

  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch (HELIOS-BUCH);
  • Vivantes International Medical Center;
  • Clinic Charite.

And this list is replenished each day because your well-being is our priority!

Medvoyage - the guide to your treatment in Germany!

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