More and more frequently, among the Azerbaijani population, you can see people who have visited Israel repeatedly for medication and have been satisfied. Medical tourism has always been in demand in Israel and, recently, healthcare has begun to grow daily due to the huge flow of medical tourists to the country.

Our Medvoyage company invites you to use the care planning services in Israel in all directions. You will be received by the best specialist clinics in the country and will be treated for in their field by leading specialists.

It should be noted that even after the most difficult operations, the bewitching beauty of Israel's nature will contribute to your fast recovery , especially even though we will take care of all the issues related to living in another country.


  • prepare all documents;
  • find and rent living space;
  • buy air tickets and visa;
  • accompany you and represent your interests;
  • organize a sightseeing tour;
  • and much, much more.

What if you apply for medical services in Israel without Medvoyage?

Sometimes, illness does not allow waiting, and official bodies' bureaucratic system is incredibly sluggish. You risk becoming an intern patient if you go straight to the clinic, spending weeks waiting for a doctor's appointment, much like the Israelis, but paying much more than the locals. We recommend that you take all the best that Israeli medicine has to give and reduce your costs at the same time.

In addition, we are distinguished by an extensive database of clinics, which helps us to easily direct clients to where the level of technical equipment and innovative methodological developments have the most progressive indicator in the required direction.

Clinics we work with:

  • Assuta
  • Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
  • Rabin Medical Center
  • Nika Israel
  • Loewenstein Hospital
  • Shemer Medical Center
  • Sheba Academic Medical Hospital
  • Hadassah Medical Center
  • Shneider Children's
  • Medical Center of Israil

Reduce your time and budget with Medvoyage!

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