Many people assume that Russia distinguishes from other countries in the wide availability of forests and diamonds, natural gas and oil. But in fact, having arrived in Russia, people can be persuaded that the glory of this country is not the minerals, but the talents and work ethic of the Russian people. These are the very ones who can transform into reality what seems impossible.

For an identical reason, we can honestly claim that it is the natives of Russia who are the best doctors in the world, because they have learned the expertise of great people, on the basis that was formed by Sechenov, Pavlov, Pirogov, Mechnikov and others.

Medicine in Russia today is not only the most qualified, trustworthy, but also the most affordable solution of treatment. The ruble's very low exchange rate helps international patients to save up to 40-80% on medical services.

Let 's look at a few more factors that inspire foreigners to come to Russia for treatment:

  • High quality - High quality patient services in accordance with international standards;
  • Best Doctors - Qualified medical practitioners with foreign practice;
  • Acquaintance with the culture of the region - Acquaintance with the sights of the country and national traditions.

It's pretty hard to get to one of the clinics in Russia, because in just one year, Russia accepts about 800,000 foreign patients, so it is the individual programs that will help you get eligible help quicker and more affordable.

The Medvoyage company today has an extensive database, rich in many contacts with the leading clinics in Russia, such as:

  • Dental Fantasy, pediatric dentistry
  • European Medical Center (EMC)
  • Medical Center MedSwiss
  • Clinic of JSC "Medicine"
  • Research Institute of Oncology named after Petrov
  • MEDSI Premium
  • European Cancer Clinic
  • European Medical Center
  • Clinic "Berkana" - cancer centre
  • Oncology centre Sofia in JSC "Medicine"
  • Clinic KIACH

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