Turkey has always been distinguished by a place full of tourist hotspots, with the sun always shining and mirrored in the sea. But lately, Turkey has started to focus not only on the entertainment destination of guests, but also on the medical one. After all, the fertile climate of this country helps to strengthen wellbeing, increase immunity and speedy rehospitalization. Therefore, Turkey today is becoming one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism and one of the most advantageous to the people of Azerbaijan.

Clinics in Turkey that we are actively cooperating with:

  • AciBadem;
  • Liv Hospital;
  • Memorial Ataşehir Hastanesi;
  • Koru Ankara Hastanesi;
  • Medipol Sağlik Grubu.

What are the problems you might experience in Turkey?

Given the fact that the Turkish language is very similar to the Azerbaijani language and, in fact, no specific issues should occur-they still have a place to be.

Let's say:

  • When sending a request to the clinic, there is no response from the head physician;
  • Waiting too long for treatment;
  • The language barrier makes interaction difficult;
  • Poor translation of medical records makes it invalid;
  • There is no option for a doctor to select;
  • Additional services at the clinic are too expensive.

But by contacting Medvoyage, all these problems can be solved! We will arrange treatment at any clinic of your choosing as soon as possible. Through us, you can get what you really deserve: accurate documentation, private medicine services at public prices, all-inclusive service, a wide choice of doctors, clinics, diagnostic and rehabilitation centres. Moreover, you can save up to 50 percent of the cost of the treatment program, thanks to Medvoyage.

We know how you are feeling: at a crossroads, in utter uncertainty, with uncertain prospects of staying abroad. Medvoyage knows how to conquer all obstacles on the road to rehabilitation, and therefore all personnel are ready to be 24/7 with you on this way.

Medvoyage - We are going to change your way of thinking about healthcare!

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