We united more than 8000 health workers in southern Caucasus and other countries, to create a conference center & to host trainings. MEDPROİNFO- THE LARGEST MEDICAL INFORMATION PORTAL.

Our portal is meant for doctors who want to use their time efficiently, and the interests of their students.

Doctors in medproinfo:

    • Join local and international conferences,
    • Join Vebinars (as speakers and participants)
    • Conference and Vebinar participants receive international accredited CME certificates.
    • The vebinars are led by doctors from United States, England, Germany, Spain, Israel and etc.

Doctors become aware of courses

  • Courses are conducted in multiple cities of Turkey, in the most well-known hospitals, and have a variety of choices in terms of specialties.
  • Courses are altered according to each one’s individual needs, and can be face-to-face, or online.

Doctors can upload their interviews and articles to Medpointinfo portal and in the journal of international conferences, including in the popular index of PUBMED, ISI and SCOPUS academic journal.
We have to mention that, in certain cases some thesis’s are not accepted into high indexed journals, due to specialist’s inability to create their scientific work in a high standard, or from lack of experience. For this reason, our company takes all the hard work upon itself. The only thing a doctor needs to do, is to submit their article to us.

Medproinfo takes into consideration the fore-mentioned problems.Therefore, it provides the standards that are required for a thesis to be accepted, translation into english language, choice of suitable journal, completion and caters to all needs till acceptance of the thesis.
We truly create the best opportunities.

To benefit from these services, you need to register to our doctor membership portal, (

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  • By making a membership on medproinfo, you automatically receive a list in accordance to your specialty, which shows all suitable international webinars and conferences.
  • Doctors who gets acquainted with the list provided, can mention which event they want to attend, or if they do not want to attend any they are free to do so.

To find out how to register here is a tutorial link:

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