What is Tushome?

  • A program presented by experienced Uzman Professor Hocalar of Turkey working in TUS sector
  • With this program You may not only gain specialty in Turkey, but also can prepare to be admitted to Residency in Azerbaijan by means of this program.

The difference of TUSHOME AZERBAIJAN from others?

  • It is a program with HD audio and video displays containing total 350 lesson hours and 11 books.
  • It is a program where you need one Hard disc and computer.
  • It is program encoded with your own password and parole, which you can watch and listen at any time without internet connection.
  • Your hard discs will be guaranteed for 2 years.
  • All lessons are held by professional teachers of TUS courses.
  • It is a program you can stop and restart at any time without being bored during watching the program.
  • It is innovative program not needing to sit at boring classrooms compulsorily, to wait for the next lesson day to remember any moment of the lesson, you can get connect with the teachers related to the points remained dark for you at any time not depending on the invitation of the teachers to Azerbaijan.

The advantages of getting Tushome Azerbaijan textbooks from Medvoyage Company:

  1. Medvoyage company is official distributor of Tushome Turkey in Azerbaijan.
  2. You can get Tushome textbooks directly from the office of Medvoyage company in Baku without additional expenses.
  3. All technical support will be done by the office in Baku.
  4. You can get lesson hours, packets you wanted to benefit from TUSHOME Azerbaijan (partially with 2 hours program) in 7 days of the week at any time from 9:00-22:00 in the most prestigious office of the city in the most comfortable condition.
  5. All questions arose in the applicants related to Tushome Azerbaijan are answered by Tushome teachers acting in Turkey through e-mail within 15 days.
  6. The meetings of the students with the local specialists are held, all questions are answered by Tushome Azerbaijan in every 2 weeks. Debates among the students.
  7. Organization of TUS and STS tours for the students registered in Tushome Azerbaijan in favorable manner
  8. Always holding encouraging actions by Tushome Azerbaijan

MEDVOYAGE COMPANY offers you to get Tushome Azerbaijan textbooks for 4 suitable packets:

  1. Tushome Azerbaijan Full Packet – 1750 AZN (25% - 1310 AZN)
  2. Tushome Azerbaijan TUS Packet – 1050 AZN
  3. Tushome Azerbaijan STS Packet – 925 AZN
  4. You can get Tushome Azerbaijan TUS packet with 12 and 18 months credit with the suitable conditions.

program presented by experienced Turkish professors, who, working in TUS sector

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