M – meetings

İ – incentives

C – conferences

E – exhibitions

Infrastructure of Azerbaijan, availability of enormous Congress centers, hotels and well-developed service sector make it possible to organize and host events of large scale in difference spheres.

As a joint project of MedVoyage and MedProInfo, we deal with the organization of conferences in Azerbaijan at a professional level. You can trust all events of your organization to our professional team.

MİCE – manager

  1. Organizes business trips and cultural activities
  2. Makes a hotel reservation, assists in preparing all the necessary documents
  3. Visa support
  4. Organizes events
  5. Creates the need for professional development of local small business representatives, including taxi drivers, employees of historical and memorable places. Visiting tourists visit museums, galleries, exhibitions and theaters.

According to experts of the World Tourism Organization, the volume of business travel is 20% of all tourist trips around the world. Thus, 50% of the profits of aviation campaigns, 60% of the profits of hotels, 70% of the profits of companies on car rentals fall on business tourist trips. Business tourists in comparison with other tourists are currently considered to be more efficient, since, on average, they spend $345 a day, while a regular tourist spends $100–200 a day.

The Company of “Medvoyage” is confident that it will be able to emerge victorious in this competition for primacy in the field of medicine, education, and also become the medical center of the region. Every year in the world there are made 100 million of business trips. According to quantitative indicators, Europe dominates. According to statistics, the leaders are Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Asia and Thailand, Turkey, Singapore and Indonesia. The United States and Canada, as well as in Europe - Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium were the host countries of many events. Only in 2010, the profit in this area amounted to a trillion US dollars (World Tourism Organization). Such serious indicators of profit and growth increase interest in this industry. The following factors are very important in this area:  

  1. Activity regardless of the season 
  2. Forecasting (dates of events are known in advance).

This name refers to many different types of travel. If we try to explain briefly, this is the industry of organizational work by a professional group on booking and planning trips to certain conferences, seminars or others. In recent years, it has gained rapid development. The reasons are well known and self-sufficient:

  1. Develops the tourism sector
  2. Positively affects the local economy
  3. Promotes both economic development and attractiveness of the chosen city for tourists.
  4. Creates additional job opportunities.

As a joint project of MedVoyage and MedProInfo, we deal with the organization of conference in Azerbaijan professionally. You can trust all events of your clinic to our professional team.

What we do:

  • Finding, decorating, reserving conference halls according to your concept and budget
  • Supplying the halls with necessary equipment
  • Audio-video assistance/media
  • Negotiations with the sponsors (Preparation and presentation of proposals related to conference with foreign and local sponsors. Direct negotiation with the sponsor, preparation of proposals in accordance with their budgets and desires.)
  • Registration and accommodation of participants of the events
  • Provision of air-tickets, hotels, transfer services
  • Simultaneous translation services
  • Organization of advertising in social media
  • Polygraphic works (thesises, certificates, invitation letters, etc)
  • Organization of buffets at high level
  • Organization of banquets for the participants of the events
  • City tours for guests
  • Organization of musical programs

Working with us is very easy and comfortable. Our professional team will take care of all the organizational procedures!



You can surely trust all the events of your company to our professional team.

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