MEDVOYAGE is an official company that for the first time introduced medical services in the tourism sector of Azerbaijan in 2017 and is actively developing today. The main goal of the company is to organize the treatment for foreign citizens, as well as for local citizens abroad and to promote the establishment of Azerbaijan as an enlightenment center.

To achieve these goals, the structure and activities of MEDVOYAGE are aimed at developing spectrum of various fields: along with the organization  of İNCOMİNG and OUTGOING types of medical tourism, through which our company attracts international specialists to work and collaborates together with leading clinics in Europe, Turkey and Israel, MEDVOYAGE offers a full package of MİCE services.

MİCE is the projection, organization and carrying out various corporate events, ranging from business meetings to professional forums with the participation of the best high-profit specialists in the world.

Let’s consider the areas of MİCE events in more detail and the features of their implementation within the framework of our company:


Meetings - organization of corporate meetings, negotiations with sponsors and business partners.

MEDVOYAGE guarantees high quality organization of translation activities in the framework of meetings, as well as facilitate interaction with partners


Incentives — implementing team-building events and motivational tours for employees of your company.

It’s no secret that team-building events are effective tools for personnel management. Team-building events fulfill the role of motivation and organization of team work of employees, which in turn leads to work efficiency, while creating a suitable atmosphere in the workplace. Our company will help you prepare all the necessary documents, provide visa support, find the best tickets, organize a banquet and provide the necessary program for the best time spending.


Conferences — organization of business conferences, congresses, forums, seminars.

To improve the skills of employees of a company, it is first necessary to organize training platforms for them on which they not only able to learn something new, but also meet like-minded people and can exchange thoughts and ideas. MEDVOYAGE, in accordance with your wishes and budget, will take care of the full formalization and booking of conference rooms, provide the hall with the necessary equipment and technology, organize registration and accommodation of participants and, if necessary, create online systems for registration of participants for accredited events.


Exhibitions  — holding exhibitions.

Today, organizing exhibitions at which companies from all over the world can present their innovative equipment and the latest technology is a unique way to exchange practices. We, in turn, guarantee the holding of the best world-class exhibitions.

Thus, the MİCE Service Package from MEDVOYAGE will allow you to calmly forget about the problems and complex issues related to the organization of events.

We will take care of the convenience, comfort and quality of your events!

Working with us is very easy and comfortable. Our professional team will take care of all the organizational procedures!


You can surely rely on our professional team for organization of all the events of your company.

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