The world's first global security and hygiene stamp is created!

The world's first global security and hygiene stamp is created!

01.10.2020 2794

The Covid-19 virus has already affected every moment of our lives, and we are slowly trying to measure our steps. We are already looking at whether each space meets the standards of cleanliness or disinfection measures before the level of service. Also, after the easing of rules tourists began to worry about whether the country was safe for traveling. It does not seem realistic to decide and be sure of this on our own, which is why the World Travel and Tourism Council has introduced the world's first global security and hygiene stamp. The stamp, supported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, will allow anyone wishing to travel to recognize countries and businesses that have adopted globally standardized protocols (health and hygiene).

Thus, to choose a trip with peace of mind from the countries and enterprises that have already been awarded this stamp, will create conditions for the revival of tourism and the expansion of travel opportunities after difficult times. The stamp, introduced by the World Travel and Tourism Council, will be available to tour operators, airlines, airports, restaurants, hotels and open-air ports that meet global safety and hygiene standards.

According to reports, Ghana, Croatia and Ecuador are among the last countries to be awarded this stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The next countries on the list are Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey and Portugal.

WTTC resident and CEO Gloria Guevara said: “Travelers will now be able to identify businesses and destinations around the world that have adopted a new set of global protocols that will encourage the return of‘ Safe Travel ’around the world. This, in turn, will help the Travel and Tourism Sector reopen for business and move in a coordinated approach. ”

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