Birth in America

Birth in America

22.11.2019 3636

According to the laws of the United States, a child born in America can automatically obtain American citizenship, and this procedure can be performed immediately after childbirth or after years - there are no restrictions.

We are sure that you, like any parent, care about the future of your unborn child: what he will become when he grows up; where will live; how will he study and in which university; how will get work and much more. There are no secret to anyone that the highest standard of living in the whole world in America and undoubtedly this country is the best solving all of the above problems. Now, in your hands there is a unique opportunity to provide your child with a successful life and a carefree fate!

The medical sector in America is also one of the most developed in the world, therefore, you should not even doubt about the excellent specialists, modern technologies and medicaments, professional care, comfortable wards, respectful and caring attitude to a woman in childbirth, and it’s just because of all these conditions you should go to childbirth in the USA.

Could you believe that your child will soon be able to legally elect a President of America and travel around the world without a visa? Another advantage of childbirth in America is that after the age of 21, a child can apply for family reunion and provide the entire family with American citizenship.

So what else can parents dream of?

Medvoyage, depending on your budget and wishes, presents three different packages of services, ordering which, you can get their professional organization.


1. Budget Package

  • Consultation;
  • Appointment for an initial visit to a doctor;
  • Assistance with registration at the hospital (at 36 weeks);
  • Registration of a birth certificate and passport;
  • Postpartum pediatric referral;
  • Shopping day after childbirth
  • Children's bed;
  • 24/7 telephone emergency call.


2. Base Package

To all services provided under the Budget Package, are added:

  • Meeting at arrival and departure in the San Diego airport;
  • Redirection to car rental and transfer (once);
  • Conducting a study tour at the place of residence (maximum 2 hours);
  • Dinner and breakfast are provided on the day of arrival;


3. Help mom package

This package is suitable for mothers who come alone. Usually fathers come 2-3 weeks before giving birth and the family returns together.

In this package, to all services provided within the framework of the Basic Package, are added:

  • Prenatal support to all the necessary doctors;
  • Escort during childbirth (for mothers whose partners are not nearby);
  • Organization of participation in entertainment events of the city, shopping trips or walking in San Diego (3 days a week);
  • Accompanying the purchase of baby food;
  • The monthly rent. Payment for the last month will be calculated from the beginning of the week. Dining room, bathroom, cleaning, Wi-Fi are included in the rental price;
  • Postpartum doctor visit for mother and baby.


Costs not included in service packages:

  • Visit to the pediatrician;
  • Circumcision;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Passport photo;
  • Passport;
  • Apostille procedures;
  • Payment for hospital and doctor services;
  • Caesarean section (Epidural anesthesia is included in all packages);
  • Accommodation 1 + 1, 2 + 1;
  • Accompanying all meetings before and after childbirth;
  • Escort for mothers who have no companions.


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