Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

11.10.2019 1551

Do your teeh seems discolored or damaged? Even though you can normally chew and talk, are you ashamed that your teeth lose their natural appearance? You should consider getting Dental Veneers!

This dental option is noninvasive and painless, and can drastically improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Medvoyage offers safe and effective dental veneer treatments that will make your smile better and give you the teeth you’ve been wanting!

Dental veneers are typically made from a porcelain or resin composite material, which are both discussed in-depth below. Your dentist will help you decide on the best veneer material based on your circumstances, preferences and budget.

To begin treatment, the dentist prepares the front surfaces of the teeth for placement by removing small amounts of enamel. This roughens the teeth and encourages optimal bonding. Next, impressions are taken. These will then be sent to a dental lab for the fabrication of your veneers, a process that takes about one to two weeks on average.

Benefits of porcelain veneers include:

  • Strong and long-lasting
  • A natural-looking surface
  • Less tooth enamel needs to be removed than with a crown or cap
  • Veneers don’t stain easily

Please have in mind that adding veneers is irreversible. It is important if you envisage dental whitening, you need to do it before the veneer adding. 

The cost of your dental veneers depends on factors like what type of veneers you’re choosing, what brand name your dentist has available, your area’s cost of living, and the expertise of the dentist.

Do chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration keep you from the smile you desire? If so, dental veneers could be the solution for you. 

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