Elana’s story

Elana’s story

21.07.2020 2647

Over the past month, the little girl MEDVOYAGE team knew has led us to look back at our lives. 

Increased our love for life, our motivation to live. Showed that man can overcome any problem. The little girl's love for life, her family, and her loved ones overcame her fear of cancer. There are people among us who’s loved one or they themselves fight cancer, and we wish them victory in this difficult struggle.


Don’t stop believing in God. We invite everyone to get acquainted with Elana's life story:

Elana Koenig  has already overcome cancer. Now her goal is to help others overcome this disease.
Elana: "If I have been able to cope with this serious illness and difficult period, I want to convey that they will be able to do it as well"
Elana was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. Chemotherapy was so intolerable that she did not forget the pain she felt after the treatment and the compassion and generosity of those who supported her during those times.
Elana: "I want to give support that I’ve also received to others"

In February of this year, Elana and her 9-year-old sister, Sabrina Koenig, founded the Children's Cancer Foundation:

The founder of this organization, Elana, founded by children, has a wonderful voice and uses this talent to her advantage. In addition, this organization carries out more diverse and global work than any other children's cancer control organization.

The girls first started to help with their own money. Then they organized the sale of sweets, and now they are collecting donations online. So far, they have raised 10 000 dollars. The funds will be collected in care packages, medical expenses and virtual celebrations 
Sabrina: "I know what my sister has gone through, because I was with her during difficult times. So I understand the situation of other children."
Elana: "If we can raise enough money, we can put an end to cancer"
According to Elana, no target is unattainable.


The beautiful performance of the song "Fight Song" posted on Elana's Instagram page (@elanalailakoenig) has already attracted hearts from all over the world:


The foundation, founded by Elana  is launching its next campaign named #KidsCrushCancer #ChildrenCancerChangesCancer. In this specific campaign, the little leader's goal is to raise at least $ 1 million.. Everyone from Azerbaijan, Sweden and other European countries as well as Israel wants to help her. Her work is already smaking a great contribution.

Every dollar from Azerbaijanis will be spent on material and moral support for Azerbaijani children living in Azerbaijan and fighting cancer! Elana calls on Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijani businessmen around the world to join the campaign and support children fighting cancer in Azerbaijan.
In a short time, Elana supported many children, including five Azerbaijani children. Elana regularly provides them with material and moral support. “So far, we have provided material and moral support to Sanam, Mubariz, Hussein, Sidig and Ibrahim, who are fighting cancer in Azerbaijan, and we are friends and keep in touch with them. I send them congratulations. We want to help more Azerbaijani children. ”

You can register and support by following the link below.


 Let's all support this little angel. Because we are stronger together!


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