«CAR-T therapy»

«CAR-T therapy»

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Leukemia - a malignant tumor of white blood cells, so-called blood cancer; lymphoma - a tumor of the lymphatic system. Today, these diseases, which force doctors to to be dazed and confused, are the most common not only in Azerbaijan, but throughout the world. Just in 2018, more than 100 people suffering from lymphoid leukemia died in our country.

There are various drugs, chemotherapy and radiation, which aimed at treating different forms of leukemia. However, many of them are powerless and are considered obsolete treatments. One of the latest achievements of recent years is cell therapy CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor), which helps mobilize the patient's immune cells for effective attack and destruction of cancer cells.


How does this therapy work?

First of all, laboratory assistants collect a small amount of the patient’s blood and immune T-cells are found from a sample of this blood. Then these cells are genetically modified and chimeric antigen receptors are artificially created from them. These receptors help T-cells recognize cancerous infections and destroy them. After this procedure, the patient should be under the supervision of doctors in a hospital for at least two weeks, sometimes even.

You can observe the effectiveness of this therapy in the following percentage:

  • 85% -90% - in young children
  • 80% in adolescents
  • 70% in all patients

However, there are limitations that may not allow patients to apply CAR-T treatment. This therapy can only be used if the patient has already experienced two unsuccessful attempts to treat blood cancer, or if malignancy of B-cells was found in the patient.


Where is it possible to get CAR-T treatment?

The innovative CAR-T treatment technology is provided in one of the leading Israeli medical rehabilitation centers «Nika Israel». Over the years, MedVoyage has officially collaborated with «Nika Israel» in the application of the latest treatments. Thus, turning to our company, you can get an high-quality organization, as well as professional treatment of cancer and forget about their existence forever.


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