SMM service for doctors

SMM service for doctors

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 How do we advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Together with his professional team, the SMM services of Medvoyage will add a particular, unique professional style to your Instagram and Facebook acoounts. Staff, SMM managers will choose the right targeting, editors and high-quality designers will prepare high-quality professional photos and videos for you with high-quality content, exciting titles, original, creative, custom-design publications, and a professional photo and video shooting team.

Already your page will be professionally managed, worthy of your work and name. This allows you to gather a professional, eye-catching, enjoyable page and the desired number of followers, receive the comments and "likes" of real followers, that is, increase the number of potential customers.


What is our purpose?

Let us start with the fact that Medvoyage is a medical brand.Our company, which began operating in three directions in 2017, has increased the number of services to 5 thanks to the high-quality services provided in a short period. Almost all services in the field of medicine can be found in Medvoyage. The company's goal is to bring Azerbaijan's healthcare opportunities and innovations to the world stage.

Our SMM service, which intended only for physicians and medical staff, indicates that we have no competitors in this field. The slogan of Medvoyage SMM service is "TURN YOUR NAME INTO BRAND". Remaining committed to our slogan, we prefer quality rather than quantity. Our aim is a decent and high-quality presentation of the sacred medical profession in the SMM market since; in this case, we represent not only the name of the doctor but also our name. By using our SMM service, you get the advantage of benefitting from other functions of Medvoyage Company.


Why we need branding?

A brand is an image that occurs in people's minds when they hear your name. The opportunities offered to you by personal branding ensure your recognition as an expert in your field and independence from clinics. Personal branding on social networks allows you to demonstrate your activities and business results to a large number of people in a moment. This allows you to introduce yourself to your potential customers, both professionally and individually.


What is a Social Network?

History of creation

Many people are unaware that the term "social network" originated in 1954 and had no connection with the Internet. Sociologist James Barnes first introduced the concept of the social network. A Social Network is a social structure consisting of social objects (individuals or organizations) and the nodes between them.

The first usage of social network computer technology was the e-mail technology used by the military in 1971 on the ARPA Net.

Then, in 1988, Bright Ojkar, a Finnish student, created IRC (Internet Relay Chat) technology that allowed people to communicate online.

The World Wide Web, invented by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, was a landmark event.



On February 4, 2004, the Social Network was introduced to the world for the first time in a modern sense.Thus, a group of Harvard students, notably Mark Zuckerberg, who will become famous, created the Facebook web page. At that time, the concept of the social network still did not exist, and the page began to function as a platform. The aim was to create an extensive database of university students.

Since then, the social network has been rapidly integrating into people's lives. People start a "like" contest, boasting who will get many "likes" for a shared photo, video, or regular written status (all of which will be merged under the name "content" in a few years).

The "liking contest" increases the interest of companies in the social network, because the "liking" of a product produced and put on the market increases the interest in this product and creates a real buyer potential.


Social network as a business industry

What is SMM?

Social Media emerged as the next stage of the evolution process in the business industry. As a result, Social Media Promotion-SMP was created. In a short time, SMP caught the attention of all major companies and became Social Media Marketing-SMM.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Instagram ads) is the fastest and most effective type of advertising on social networks. We can talk about SMM for days. Here we can speak about from the creation of an ordinary social page to "Branding" (branding and marketing the product).

What does SMM have to do with medicine, or rather with doctors and clinics? If we approach the work of doctors as a market expert, the services (products) they provide are the treatment of various diseases. In other words, their service is a "product" that they offer to the market. If physicians and clinics introduce products to the market, it means that they are market participants, and they need some strategic progress.

SMM is one of the most important tools of this progress today. Because potential patients are no longer looking for hospitals and clinics, they are looking for someone who can treat their health problem better and at a more affordable price while sitting at home. The product, properly presented through SMM, directly attracts the attention of the customer-patient and increases the potential customers of the doctor.

Today, Instagram is the most potent platform for creativity, earning extra income and attracting followers. If you run a private business page or a company page on Instagram, you need to know the basic tools of promotion and analytics.

Alternatively, if you want to save your time and energy and see the effect of the work in a short time, contact us!


What is the difference of Medvoyage SMM service?

  • Acting only for medical staff
  • Being a professional in the field of medicine
  • High quality of the work


If you are pleasant with our services, contact us now.




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