Turkey introduces new rules in medical tourism

Turkey introduces new rules in medical tourism

12.08.2020 3036

Today, Turkey is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of medical tourism, and hundreds of thousands of people come here every year for treatment. The vast majority of those who go abroad from Azerbaijan for medical tourism choose the neighboring country - Turkey. As the borders closed due to the pandemic, countries could no longer accept foreign patients. However, when some countries opened their borders and eased policies in mid-May, the Turkish government announced on May 20 that it could accept patients from 31 countries. Azerbaijan was on that list. Immediately after that, on May 28, the statement was changed to” patients from all countries", and from that date, Turkey has already begun to accept everyone traveling on medical tourism under certain conditions. If the citizen of any country chooses this area for treatment, it should be familiar with the following conditions and act accordingly.

1. If a person travels by air, the patient and his / her relatives will not be allowed to fly if any of the symptoms of the virus suddenly appear (e.g. cough) before the flight time, even if the Covid-19 test is negative.
2. The use of a medical mask is compulsory for everyone, but passengers who cannot wear it due to their health condition will sit in the back seats at least 1 meter apart.
3. Medical kits consisting of masks and antiseptics will be provided for each of the passengers on the plane.

In hospitals, treatment and examinations will be carried out according to the following guidelines:

1. If a patient and his relatives want to stay in Turkey as tourists after treatment, even if the treatment ends quickly can’t leave the hospital for 7 days
2. If the PCR test is negative after 7 days, then the patient and his relatives will be able to leave the hospital.
3. Those who do not want to take the test must stay in the hospital for 14 days and then can continue to stay in the country as a tourist.

     If the patient and his relatives want to return to their home countries without staying in Turkey for 7 days, they will give a PCR test. If the results are negative, they will be brought to the border under special control.

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