According to the World Health Organization, 41 million people die from noncommunicable diseases worldwide each year, accounting for 71% of all global deaths. Most people die from cardiovascular disease - 17.9 million people a year.

As we can see, heart disease remains the number 1 killer worldwide. One of the solutions to cardiovascular disease is preventive cardiology. Cardiology is the medicine division that deals with heart disease and complications, ranging from birth defects to acquired cardiovascular dysfunction.

Generations before us have only been able to visit their physicians when they were sick, but nowadays preventive medicine is at a high level of development and is extremely important.

The Medvoyage team can provide you not only with preventive cardiology services, but also treatment of diseases such as:

  • Ablation for cardiac arrhythmias;
  • Arterial hypertension (hypertension);
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Atrioventricular nodal reciprocal tachycardia (AVRT);
  • Ischemic heart disease (CHD);
  • Cardiac surgery of congenital malformations;
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting;
  • Operations on heart valves;
  • Operation "maze";
  • Operation Bentall;
  • Heart transplant;
  • WPW syndrome;
  • Exertional angina (stable angina);
  • Atrial flutter;

Medvoyage is located in the capital of Azerbaijan, in the city of Baku, but nevertheless can provide any services for you not only in this country, but also in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Germany and other countries of the world.

Today Medvoyage exists for one reason: to care for the patients around the world and to treat even the most incurable diseases. We are characterized by our multidisciplinary teams delivering outstanding service. Our mission is to touch more hearts, eradicate human suffering and provide the best possible care and treatment for each patient.

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