It's no secret that any, including the smallest liver problems, can lead to a deterioration in overall well-being and life quality. After all, the liver is one of the human body's most important organs which takes an active part in the metabolism of digestion, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

Liver cirrhosis disease is the most common chronic progressive disease today. The liver tissue is replaced by connective tissue as a result of this condition, which leads to the deterioration of its vascular system and the development of liver failure. As a consequence, the liver may cease its function.

Patients with liver cirrhosis require continuous medical monitoring and cirrhosis support therapy, intended to compensate for liver failure. That is why timely access to specialists increases the chances of successful treatment and prolongation of life. Moreover, if you undergo the appropriate and thorough check-up on time, you can prevent complications and find the best treatment approaches easily along with Medvoyage to help keep conditions under control.

It is believed that a complete cure is possible only through transplantation. But we at Medvoyage are confident that modern drugs and methods of our partners will significantly improve the quality and duration of yours.

Our partners will provide individual treatment for each patient, which will include such stages as:

  • Acquaintance with experienced gastroenterologists - hepatologists;
  • Expert diagnostics;
  • Development of a treatment plan;
  • Collection of the entire range of laboratory tests - CT, MRI, ultrasound, fibroelastography, endoscopy, etc.;
  • Nutritional counseling;
  • Etiological treatment depending on the etiology of cirrhosis;
  • Use of non-invasive methods for determining the degree of liver damage for which a liver biopsy is not required;
  • Use of modern equipment and a pathological center for and examination of liver tissue samples obtained by biopsy;
  • Complex esophagogastroduodenoscopy;
  • Use of modern MRI and CT diagnostics.

In case of necessary transplantation, we can also provide you with specialists who know their business, who achieve a controlled compensated course of the disease and improve the patient's well-being.

Medvoyage - cirrhosis can and should be treated!

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