In the modern world, many women, although they understand, but underestimate the receptions of the gynecologist and the examination. It can be difficult to decide on a visit to the doctor due to prejudice, unwillingness to experience pain and other reasons. However, it should be remembered that the reproductive health of a woman depends not only on her general well-being, quality of physical life, fertility but also on the health of her future children. So how to protect a fragile female body and health from various complex ailments?

Medvoyage recommends that every woman, regardless of age, undergo a full gynecological examination at least 2 times a year. Timely examination by a gynecologist will help identify the initial stage of the tumor, suspect fibroids, discover the cause of hormonal disorders or infertility.

Which questions are you expected to ask a gynecologist to do a physical examination?

As we noted above, a full examination should be carried out regularly, however, in the cases below, it is urgently important:

  • Pregnancy planning;
  • Violations of the menstrual cycle;
  • Manifestations of sexually transmitted infections;
  • Attempts to get pregnant during the year do not bring results;
  • Pain in the mammary glands, nipple discharge;
  • The need for consultation on the selection of a method of contraception, etc.

Stages of a comprehensive gynecological examination

A complete gynecological examination usually takes place in three stages:

  • Initial consultation with a gynecologist - the doctor conducts a conversation with the patient, examines, smears are taken for research.
  • Additional research methods - analysis for hormones, hysterosalpingography, biopsy, MRI and others.
  • Summarizing all results and prescribing treatment or drawing up a prevention program.

Why Medvoyage?

Medvoyage has an enormous base of clinics with high-tech equipment and modern laboratory methods. These equipments are characterized by their accuracy and information quality, as well as specific diagnostic procedures for visualizing and evaluating the condition of those parts of organs that are hidden from the eyes and hands of the gynecologist. And highly professional doctors, in turn, will facilitate the unpleasant procedure for the patient as much as possible, talking and explaining the need for action.

Medvoyage employees attach particular importance to the individual diagnosis of gynecological pathologies, and therefore we will be happy to advise you on the best treatment methods: taking anamnesis, evaluation by ultrasound, laboratory testing, hysteroscopy, colposcopy and much more are within the scope of our capabilities.

Medvoyage - all the best for your health!

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