Do you know what is the secret to a healthy and long life?

No, this is not at all taking pills at the moment when you start to prick in your side or have a stuffy nose, but a regular and comprehensive health check, in which you will be conscious of all the violations and can prevent them.

Today the average intensity of human immunity is being called into question due to our everyday rhythm of life, as well as due to high levels of pollution, advanced methods of contamination and food falsification. This is where the best answer turns out to be preventive inspection. A medical test, after all, is ringing the alarm even earlier than there are obvious symptoms of severe illness.

Why is it so important to be tested with Medvoyage?

Very often, doctors do not provide complete information on health results and simply display a certain list of diagnostic answers and give this sheet to the patient. A comprehensive explanation is deemed a procedure excessively long. Medvoyage will however help to overcome various misunderstandings and shed light on a bunch of dark terms. In addition to that, Medvoyage has every opportunity to help you with a number of other issues that may arise during the process.

Let's also look at the specific benefits of Medvoyage's survey packages:

  • Providing a database of clinics in countries such as Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Germany with detailed information;
  • Providing price lists depending on the chosen clinic or doctor;
  • Complete organization of the procedure;
  • Provision of a "Health Passport";
  • Consultations before and after diagnostics, further analysis of the state of health;
  • And much more.

Medvoyage believes that everyone should undergo a body examination at least once in a year and that is why it provides the following types of check-up services:

  • Gastroenterological examination;
  • Gynecological examination;
  • Cardiological examination;
  • Oncological examination;
  • Extended examination of the whole body;
  • Urological examination;
  • Other.

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