Oncology is a specialist field of medicine that deals with cancer patients being diagnosed, treated, and followed up. Cancer, in turn, is a genetic disorder caused by gene changes which control our cells' functioning and development. Cancer can begin practically anywhere in the human psyche which consists of trillions of cells.

Let's take a simple interpretation of the tumor forming process: human cells normally grow and separate, producing new ones that replace extinct cells as they age and damage. However this cycle is interrupted with the development of cancer. As cells become abnormal, old or damaged ones survive instead of dying, and new cells are formed when they are not needed. These extra cells can divide non-stop and form tumors.

There are over 100 types of cancer and other cancers such as:

  • BPH;
  • Hemangioma of the liver;
  • Ovarian cyst;
  • Leukemia;
  • Lymphoma;
  • Melanoma;
  • Metastases in the bone, lymph nodes, liver, spine;
  • Obstructive jaundice;
  • Tumors of the prostate, ovaries, intestines, uterus;
  • Acute childhood leukemia;
  • Bone marrow transplantation;
  • Breast sarcoma;
  • Chondrosarcoma.

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For many years now, we have been supporting people with cancer and blood disorders by supplying them with quality medical treatment. she has been helping people with cancer and blood diseases by providing comprehensive medical care for them. Besides all this, we can also arrange numerous infusions and injections for non-cancer conditions not only in Azerbaijan but also in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran , Turkey and Germany.

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