Natural healing springs are located all over the world and have been known to be used since ancient times. They are used for recreation or wellness purposes and are available all over the world. Nowadays, a growing awareness of health and wellness standards has led to the use of thermal waters and the expansion of spa services centred on the idea of a shared relationship between natural resources and enterprises.


Improving your wellbeing and appearance, as well as reducing stress for rejuvenating and revitalizing your body and mind are the main reasons why people go to Spa and why Spa is becoming an increasingly important part of people's lives.

The 7 Day Treat, as some call a weekly spa holiday, gives you the break you need to change your speed and lifestyle, lose weight, relax, minimize stress, build confidence, redefine your goals, refresh your resources, learn new exercises and eat habits, and reward yourself with time-out and just have a nice time.

What does Medvoyage offer?

Today, the use of mineral and thermal waters is subdivided into many regions, one of which is balneology-a field that belongs to the health industry's most common use of mineral and thermal water.

Various baths are a natural way of healing and going “back to nature” that serves to improve health, appearance, relieve stress, and refresh and revitalize your body and mind.

Medvoyage offers its clients to relax and take the following types of natural treatments:

  • Volcanic mud;

  • Mud baths;
  • Mineral thermal waters;
  • Salt caves;

not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries including Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Germany.

The variability and use of spa waters can imply that each organism has an individual approach. You can forget all these details together with Medvoyage, and only enjoy the process itself.

Thermal waters thus have ancient origins in history and offer a positive resource for physical and social well-being to this day. However, they do require monitoring to ensure proper standards of hygiene with the overall purpose of minimizing hazards and optimizing benefits, where Medvoyage will support any patient.

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