Do you want to receive adequate medical care while relaxing abroad? Or are you a foreigner and want to get medical care in Azerbaijan? Congratulations, you have come to the right address!

Medical tourism is a unique way to relax abroad and at the same time receive professional, highly qualified medical care. In many leading countries, this practice is actively conducted. In Azerbaijan, for the first time, Medvoyage began to deal with this direction and continues to develop dynamically since 2017. Medvoyage has a unique structure for working with patients, a huge base of local and foreign doctors, and is also in partnership with the best medical organizations, clinics and centers throughout the world.


The privileges that we possess, allow our company to easily offer foreign tourists of Azerbaijan a specialist in a particular field and provide professional medical care for a short time and at a reasonable price. Complex medical examination services 'Check-up', gastroenterology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, transplantology, vascular surgery, otolaryngology, endocrinology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, gynecology, allergology, dermatology, dentistry, plastic surgery, metallic breast cancer, aesthetic services-all this and much more is within the scope of Medvoyage.


Moreover, in the framework of domestic medical tourism, we can also offer traditional Azerbaijani treatment methods that use natural resources such as volcanic mud, oil, mineral waters and salt caves. You can trust us and we will create all the conditions so that you can feel like at home.


It is also worth noting that Medvoyage is developing not only within the framework of internal medical tourism, but also external. It's no secret that today even in the most prestigious clinics of the country there are such diseases, the practice of which is either not studied at the local level, or not all types of medical care are developed as well as abroad and it is difficult to get high-tech care in this case . Therefore, there is a need to go abroad for treatment or for examination. First of all, before you, as an Azerbaijani patient who has decided to get help abroad, the main task is to choose a competent doctor and a suitable clinic. Naturally, for this you will begin to search for information on the Internet and, as a result, select the first site you like visually, in which mountains promise beautiful words. However, most of these companies focus mainly on the travel expenses of the client, and not on his health. The Medvoyage company, in the database of which there is a huge number of partners - clinics and partners - specialists, will not only facilitate you the search for the best medical centers at the world level, but also guarantee you an examination in which the latest equipment will be used, with which specialist doctors can not only eliminate the disease, but even with accuracy will diagnose a particular disease in the early stages of development and help you with the definition of preventive maintenance.


Employees of Medvoyage, based on the wishes and financial capabilities of the client, will provide a number of medical tours, both external and internal, thanks to which you can not only do your treatment, but also spend time with pleasure, studying the cultural heritage and sights of a foreign country. Thus, in any situation, you can kill two birds with one stone.

We are sure that the education and knowledge of the doctors working in these clinics meet the world standards. Therefore, we always guarantee the customer satisfaction.

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